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Bogstad Art Exhibition

With my proximity to the lake and the grounds at Bogstad, it’s no wonder that I would choose it as a location to show my art.  The picturesque property offers a variety of sensations: fishing piers, rowing launches, and swimming beaches.  The grounds include walking paths, a vegetable garden, a cafe and, of course, the historic home and stables.  The water, woods and walking trails of this area are a never ending source of inspiration.

The Stabburet, or storage barn, on the property has been repurposed and is now used as an exhibit hall for artists.   The log walls are a charming, rustic backdrop to my landscapes.  The space is quite large and has room for more than fifty paintings.  My good friend Carolyn Magnessen and I chose the Stabburet for our first show together in September of 2010.  We are both very excited to host another event for one weekend only, August 26 through 28.

Since the Stabburet is such a big space, Carolyn and I decided to expand the event to include other artists and artisans.  This year, we welcome textile weaver Adrienne Øwre.  Adrienne weaves with traditional Norwegian yarns and methods, but uses modern original designs.  She has her loom in a studio near ours and has become a good friend.  Adrienne has had many exhibitions and is keen to display her designs once more.  We are also pleased to introduce newcomer Kenneth Rockers, who is debuting as a furniture maker.  The former musician is now applying his carpentry skills to make high quality hand crafted chairs and will have a few on display.

Carolyn and myself have both developed our styles a bit since our last show and may have some surprises in store.  The show was such a success last year, we are eager to repeat it.  Our plan is to continue this exhibition annually in the late summer and introduce new artists along the way.  Please join us.

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Posted by Betsy on 2011-07-26
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  1. 09/14/2011
    Jim Mueller

    I thought you graduated from St. A ,I had to check out your site .Very impressive .Just thought I would send you a blast from the past! I was wondering why no one put pics of themselves on the evite site.I have seen your mom @ church or somewhere she looks amazing,you are blessed to have her ! I Lost mine to cancer 12 years ago ! This was supposed to be a Happy Hello !Take care of yourself
    Jim Mueller


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