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Chapter 1
Born in 1962 in Cincinnati, Ohio, under the sign of Taurus, the bull.  Characteristics include stubbornness, patience and a love of beauty.  Grows up in happy household of six children.  Attends local Catholic schools, with mixed results.  Decent education, but drops Catholicism.  Avid reader and a budding artist.


Chapter 2
Attends University of Cincinnati from 1980 through 1984.  Discovers booze and boys.  Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts, with a major in history.  Good memories.


Chapter 3
In 1985, Betsy moves to Oslo, Norway with blond, athletic husband.  Quickly has three children.  Splits from tall Scandinavian.  Discovers self-help books and yoga.


Chapter 4
Determined to stay at home with the small children, Betsy starts a home-based catering business.  Discovers her talents for cooking, organization and general merrymaking.  Artistic pursuits at this time include interior decorating, sewing, sketching and watercolors.


Chapter 5
Inspired to follow her childhood dream, Betsy enrolls in art school.  Studies three years at Christiania Fri Akademi, 2006 -2009.  A self-taught artist until this point, teacher Jan Cato Bøttger helps synthesize Betsy’s natural abilities into a more professional expression.


Chapter 6
Betsy works seriously towards improving her artistic eye and painting skills.  Moves her home studio to a larger space.  Becoming a full-time artist is a dream come true.  When not painting or baking cakes, Betsy can be found walking around in the woods or reading all those history books she didn’t get around to at university.