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Poolside vs. Fjord-side

When the editor of the American Coordinating Council of Norway Community Guide asked me to write a little something comparing American and Norwegian summer parties, I said, “No problem.” It’s very easy to generalize concerning both places, but of course I can only speak for myself and the parties I’ve experienced. I may not have my finger as firmly on the pulse of the party scene as I once did, but I’ve been around long enough to know that everybody likes good food. It’s often the main attraction at the gathering, no matter what country. Read more…

15 Jun 2012

Watching Paint Dry

At a recent book club, a friend sarcastically commented that the book we had just read was about “as exciting as watching paint dry.” It’s a common phrase I’d heard before, but this time I felt strangely defensive. I felt the need to set things right. “Hey, I like to watch paint dry!” I said. This got me worrying about my idea of a good time.

For an artist, pushing paints around a canvas is just one part of the process. Evaluating results is just as important. I tend to paint fast and impulsively and see what happens. Then it’s time to step back and see if it’s any good. If it has potential, I move on to part two. A big part of what I learned at art school was how to analyze your work and recognize weak spots. I look to see where color could be used better or where edges could be sharper. Is the energy flowing out of the picture? Is the painting too dull or too frenetic? Sometimes a painting might be very good, but what would it take to make it great? You have to take a good long look to figure this out. It’s reported that Leonardo Da Vinci spent up to fourteen hours a day with his paintings. Fourteen hours, huh! I need to get some comfortable chairs. Read more…

3 Aug 2011

Bogstad Art Exhibition

With my proximity to the lake and the grounds at Bogstad, it’s no wonder that I would choose it as a location to show my art.  The picturesque property offers a variety of sensations: fishing piers, rowing launches, and swimming beaches.  The grounds include walking paths, a vegetable garden, a cafe and, of course, the historic home and stables.  The water, woods and walking trails of this area are a never ending source of inspiration.

The Stabburet, or storage barn, on the property has been repurposed and is now used as an exhibit hall for artists.   The log walls are a charming, rustic backdrop to my landscapes.  The space is quite large and has room for more than fifty paintings.  My good friend Carolyn Magnessen and I chose the Stabburet for our first show together in September of 2010.  We are both very excited to host another event for one weekend only, August 26 through 28.

Since the Stabburet is such a big space, Carolyn and I decided to expand the event to include other artists and artisans.  This year, we welcome textile weaver Adrienne Øwre.  Adrienne weaves with traditional Norwegian yarns and methods, but uses modern original designs.  She has her loom in a studio near ours and has become a good friend.  Adrienne has had many exhibitions and is keen to display her designs once more.  We are also pleased to introduce newcomer Kenneth Rockers, who is debuting as a furniture maker.  The former musician is now applying his carpentry skills to make high quality hand crafted chairs and will have a few on display.

Carolyn and myself have both developed our styles a bit since our last show and may have some surprises in store.  The show was such a success last year, we are eager to repeat it.  Our plan is to continue this exhibition annually in the late summer and introduce new artists along the way.  Please join us.

26 Jul 2011

Color Frequency in Our Homes

Since I was born in the ’60s, I guess I could call myself a hippie.  More analytical than your average hippie,  I’ve actually spent a lot of time trying to understand the truth behind “good vibrations.”  Since this is an art website maybe I thought I’d look at the frequencies and vibrations in our homes.  Color plays a big part in this because each color has a frequency that is emitting an energy, and that in turn creates a mood or atmosphere or “vibe.”

Energy from colors has certain properties that can soothe us or excite us.  Why do hospital employees wear white?   Why do you wear your red dress when you want to get noticed?  Colors indeed have a vibration.

In ours homes, we may want a sanctuary that is relaxing and calming.  Green is traditionally a calming influence because it is associated with nature’s stability and growth. In my own home, I have lately gravitated to natural colors.  Blues, greens, browns and white.  These are sort of my comfort foods of colors.  Naturals — colors found in nature — are not the same as neutrals.  Neutrals can be popular for their timelessness, but can be quite dull or lifeless.  Greys, taupes, and creams are shades that give us little stimulation.  These types of color schemes could benefit from the introduction of stronger colors. Read more…

20 Jul 2011